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Tuff Glove - Heavy Duty Disposable Powder Free Nitrile Gloves - Pack of Ten Gloves / 5 Pairs

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  • Tuff Gloves are disposable, black Nitrile Gloves that are made from are 100% synthetic rubber that also provides superior resistance to a wide range of resins, solvents and hazardous chemicals. In addition, they are also more abrasion and puncture-resistant than latex gloves.

    Tuff Gloves are resistant to fuels, oil, solvents (thinners, acetone etc.), acids, most chemicals and tearing. They are excellent for cleaning, painting, automotive, plumbing and even gardening!

    Tuff Gloves are resistant to alcohol, so you can sanitise them just as you would your hands!

    Quality Assurance:
    Manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2012.

    EN455-1: Freedom from holes
    EN455-2: Physical Properties
    EN455-3: Biological evaluation
    EN455-4: Shelf life determination
    EN374-1: Determination of resistance to penetration
    EN374-5: VIRUS Determination of resistance to permeation
    EN1186: Food safe.

    - Used as an alternative for users with latex sensitivity
    - Offers protection from composite resins, pre-pregs, greases, fuels, oils and many other types of solvents and acids
    - These gloves are used in composite applications, aircraft, GRP, engineering, automotive, cleaning and general engineering environments
    - Fully textured to provide a secure grip on dirty parts and tools
    - Safe to use with RTV silicones, especially addition (platinum) curing silicone systems where they will not cause cure inhibition.

    - Powder-free (to avoid skin allergies)
    - Latex-free (reduces the potential for Type 1 glove-associated reactions, eliminates the potential risk of Type 1 reactions)
    - Will not affect the cure of addition (platinum) curing silicones
    - Especially resistant to most commonly used resin systems
    - More puncture resistant than latex or vinyl gloves
    - Lasts much longer than most other disposable gloves on the market
    - Ambidextrous
    - Textured on entire surface for better grip
    - Low odour
    - Beaded cuff for easy donning
    - Food quality/food safe
    - Provides PPE category 1 protection.