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11PC Extractor Tray

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Combined tray of 5 screw extractors, 4 bolt extractors and 2 nut splitters. Supplied in the unique Teng Tools Tool Tray with removable lid and dove tail joints for use on it's own or as part of the Get organised system.

(265x142x50mm, 1.3 kilos)

Stud extractors 1/2'' drive 6, 8, 10, 12mm
Screw extractors 7/64'' 9/64'' 5/3'' 1/4'' 19/64''
Nut splitters 5 to 20mm, 14 to 27mm


The small nut splitter (size 2) can take up to 130Nm and the big nut splitter (size 3) up to 180Nm. Higher torque than that and there is a risk the nut splitters will break. Not recommended for use with power tools.