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300PC Counter Top Tool Kit

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Compared to the standard 140 pieces TC8140NF, this kit features more than double the tools and is specifically designed for the South African market. The 6 drawer top box works perfectly for individual or DIY workspaces and can be used in service vehicles as well.

The TCTB300ZA is built-up using the unique Teng Tools Tool Tray system (TT). Tools are organised in unique trays, which can easily be re-organised and stored in every other Teng Tools storage option. Expand your range by choosing from hundreds of available tool trays in the Teng Tools range.

Drawer SKU Description
  TC806NF Tool Box Top Box 6 Drawer
4/6 TTPC09 Punch and Chisel Set 9 Pieces TT Tray
4/6 TTSR04 Scraper Set 4 Pieces TT Tray
4/6 TTHC03 Hose Clamp Set 3 Pieces TT Tray
4/6 TTHT28 Hex Key Set 28 Pieces TT Tray
5/6 TTNR81 Nutsert Gun Set 81 Pieces TT Tray
5/6 TTHR81 Rivet Gun Set 81 Pieces TT Tray
5/6 TT804 Puller Set 4 Pieces TT Tray
5/6 TTTF10 Flaring Tool Set 10 Pieces TT Tray
6/6 TT917TXN TX Driver Set 7 Pieces TT Tray
6/6 TTMD74 Bits Driver Set 74 Pieces TT Tray
6/6 TTADJ04 Wrench Set Adjustable 4 Pieces TT Tray
6/6 TTVG05 Plier Set Power Grip 5 Pieces TT Tray