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545PC Mega Master Tool Kit & Work Station

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  • A 545 piece work station tool kit built up using the unique Teng Tools TC tray system and the Teng Tools wall rack system to put the most frequently used tools near to hand and ready to use. Supplied in the 8 series TCW807N ball bearing slide 7 drawer roller cabinet together with the TC-S01 panel set with 20 assorted hooks (TCW-HK20).

    (overall weight 136.6 kilos)

    Drawer No Stock no Description
    Panel WRFL05  5 piece file set on a wall rack
    Panel WRMB04 4 piece plier set on a wall rack
    Panel WRMD910N  10 piece screwdriver set on a wall rack
    Panel WRSP12  12 metric combination spanner set on a wall rack
    1/7 TTXEXT13 13 piece extension set
    1/7 TT1435 35 piece 1/4inch drive regular and deep metric socket set
    1/7 TT3819 19 piece 3/8inch drive regular metric socket set
    1/7 TT1218 18 piece 1/2inch drive regular metric socket set
    1/7 TTTXH15 15 piece 1/2inch drive hex and TX bit socket set
    2/7 TTXMDTN 5 piece screwdriver set
    2/7 TTMD74 74 piece ratcheting bits driver set
    2/7 TT917TXN 7 piece TX driver set
    2/7 TTHEX7 7 piece T handle hex driver set
    2/7 TTTX7 7 piece T handle TX driver set
    3/7 TTXMDN 9 piece nut driver set
    3/7 TTHR81 Rivet gun set
    3/7 TT474-7 4 piece 7inch circlip plier set
    3/7 TT804 4 piece puller set
    3/7 TT01 Add on tool tray with dividers
    4/7 TTX00 Add on tool storage tray
    4/7 TTPC09 9 piece punch and chisel set
    4/7 TTCP121 121 piece crimping tool set
    4/7 TTDTD34 34 piece tap and die set
    5/7 TTX2032 7 piece metric combination spanner set
    5/7 TTDCT05 5 piece cutting tool set
    5/7 TTTM08 8 piece inspection tool kit
    5/7 TTCM05D 5 piece measuring set
    6/7 TTX01 Add on tool tray with dividers
    6/7 TTPS09E  9 piece service tool set


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