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505PC Roller Cabinet Tool Kit

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The Teng Tools TTMM505ZA is the perfect tool kits for on-site technicians and engineers. The kit features 505 tools that can easily be maneuvered across factories in the ball bearing slide bottom box. The TCMM505ZA was specifically designed for the South African market and is one of the most complete tool kits in the Teng Tools range.

The TCMM505ZA is built-up using the unique Teng Tools Tool Tray system (TT). Tools are organised in unique trays, which can easily be re-organised and stored in every other Teng Tools storage option. Expand your range by choosing from hundreds of available tool trays in the Teng Tools range.

Drawer SKU Description

TCW810N Tool Box Roller Cabinet 10 Drawer
1/10 TTTM03 Inspection Set 3 Pieces TT Tray
1/10 TTMI16 Screwdriver and Plier Set 16 Pieces TT Tray
1/10 TTBM Measuring Set B 4 Pieces
1/10 TTTM08 inspection Set 8 Pieces TT Tray
1/10 TTX01 Tool Box TTX Tray 6 Compartments
2/10 TT1205 Socket Set 1/2" Drive 5 Pieces TT Tray
2/10 TT1435 Socket Set 1/4" Drive 35 Pieces TT Tray
2/10 TT3819 Socket Set 3/8" Drive 19 Pieces TT Tray
2/10 TT1217 Socket Set 1/2" Drive 12 Point 17 Pieces TT Tray
2/10 TTXEXT13 Socket Set Extension Bar Set 13 Pieces TTX Tray
3/10 TTHEX23 Socket Set 1/2" Drive Hex Bit 23 Pieces TT Tray
3/10 TTTXH15 Socket Set 1/2" Drive Hex/TX Bit 15 Pieces TT Tray
3/10 TTTX30 Socket Set 3/8" Drive 30 Pieces TT Tray
3/10 TTADP17 Socket Adaptor Set 17 Pieces TT Tray
3/10 TTXPB3 Pry Bar Set Roll/Heel 3 Pieces TTX Tray
4/10 TTNF12 File Set Needle Type 12 Pieces TT Tray
4/10 TTDCT05 Cutting Tool Set 5 Pieces TTD Tray
4/10 TTK40 Knife Set 40 Pieces TT Tray
4/10 TTXF05 File Set 5 Pieces TTX Tray
5/10 TTV440 Plier Set 1000 Volt 4 Pieces TT Tray
5/10 TTCP121 Crimping Plier Set 121 Pieces TT Tray
5/10 TTV907N Screwdriver Set 1000 Volt 7 Pieces TT Tray
5/10 TTCP04 Crimping Plier Set 4 Pieces TT Tray
5/10 TTX918N Screwdriver Set 8 Pieces TTX Tray
6/10 TT01 Tool Box Storage TT Tray 7 Compartments
6/10 TTSN11 Extractor Set 11 Pieces TT Tray
6/10 TTDTD34 Tap and Die Set 34 Pieces TTD Tray
6/10 TTXMDTN Screwdriver Set Power Thru 5 Pieces TTX Tray
7/10 TTID20 Impact Driver Set 1/2" Drive 20 Pieces TT Tray
7/10 TT9116 Impact Socket Set 1/2" Drive 16 Pieces TT Tray
7/10 TT474-7 Plier Set 7 inch Circlip 4 Pieces TT Tray
7/10 TT474-5 Plier Set 5 inch Circlip 4 Pieces TT Tray
7/10 TTX474-9 Plier Set 9 inch Circlip 4 Pieces TTX Tray
8/10 TTPSPG Plier Set Power Grip Welding 4 Pieces TTPS Tray
8/10 TTXPB3A Pry Bar Set 3 Pieces TTX Tray