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Ledvance - Pack of 10 LED Rechargeable Globe - 7,5W - B22

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  • Pack of 10 globes. Highly efficient, sturdy and long-lasting LED rechargeable globes. Great for camping and perfect for loadshedding. Also includes a cap that allows you to use the bulbs anywhere.


    • 10 x Rechargeable globe
    • Lithium-Ion battery 1500mAh/3.V
    • Full charge hours 12
    • B22 bulb fitting (bayonett type)
    • Each bulb comes with a hook
    • Can use as a normal LED bulb when have power
    • 750 lumens normal power
    • 6500 K colour temperature (Cool White)
    • 200 lumens on backup power
    • 180 degree beam angle
    • Dimensions: 138mm long, 70mm wide
    • 15 000 hours long lifetime
    • Battery lifecycle >300 uses at 25 degrees celsius, 100% depth of discharge.


    • Not compatible with dimmer switches
    • Not compatible with multi-switch light circuits
    • Not compatible with some multi-light circuits, depends on how the lights are wired. If installing on a multi-light circuit and only some lights work properly, then try reversing the bulbs that are not working properly, or re-wire the circuit appropriately.