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53PC Screwdriver Set

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  • A comprehensive screwdriver set including 19 screwdrivers and a ratcheting bits driver together with a selection of screwdriver bits. Features include screwdrivers with ergonomically designed bi-material handles with hanging hole and T drive facility for added torque and comfort. Supplied in a handy carrying case. All Teng Tools screwdrivers are designed to have a hole in the handle which can also be used for securing the tool with a fall protection wire if needed.

    Screwdrivers Flat type 3.0x75mm, 3.0x100mm, 4.0x100mm, 5.5x75mm, 5.5x150mm, 6.0x38mm, 6.5x100mm, 6.5x150mm, 8.0x150mm, 10.0x200mm
    PH type PH1x75mm, PH2x38mm, PH2x100mm, PH3x150mm
    PZ type PZ0x75mm, PZ1x75mm, PZ2x38mm, PZ2x100mm, PZ3x150mm
    Accessories Ratcheting bits driver with 1.2x5mm and 1.4x7mm flat bits, PH1, PH2, PZ1 and PZ2 bits
    1/4inch hex 25mm screwdriver bits

    PZ type

    TX type

    TPX type




    TX6, TX7, TX8, TX9, TX10, TX15 (x2)

    TPX20, TPX25, TPX30

    1, 2, 3

    2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm


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