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Display With 93 Screwdrivers

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Screwdriver display with 93 screwdrivers in the 24 most common models:

5 x MD920N Screwdriver 3.0 x 0.5mm Flat x 75mm
5 x MD920N1 Screwdriver 3.0 x 0.5mm Flat x 100mm
4 x MD922N Screwdriver 5.5 x 1.0mm Flat x 75mm
4 x MD923N Screwdriver 5.5 x 1.0mm Flat x 150mm
4 x MD928N Screwdriver 6.5 x 1.2mm Flat x 38mm
4 x MD932N Screwdriver 6.5x100mm Flat Hex Shaft
4 x MD932N1 Screwdriver 6.5x150mm Flat Hex Shaft
3 x MD934N Screwdriver 8.0 x 1.2mm Flat x 150mm
3 x MD935N Screwdriver 10.0x200mm Flat Hex Shaft
5 x MD940N Screwdriver PH0 x 75mm
4 x MD947N1 Screwdriver PH1 x 75mm
4 x MD948N Screwdriver PH2 x 38mm
4 x MD952N Screwdriver PH2 x 100mm Hex Shaft
3 x MD953N Screwdriver PH3 x 150mm Hex Shaft
5 x MD960N Screwdriver PZ0 x 75mm
4 x MD961N Screwdriver PZ1 x 75mm
4 x MD962N2 Screwdriver PZ2 x 100mm Hex Shaft
4 x MD962N3 Screwdriver PZ2 x 38mm
3 x MD963N Screwdriver PZ3x 150mm
4 x MDT932N Screwdriver 6.5mm Flat Power Thru
3 x MDT934N Screwdriver 8mm Flat Power Thru
3 x MDT935N Screwdriver 10mm Flat Power Thru
4 x MDT952N Screwdriver PH2 Power Thru
3 x MDT953N Screwdriver PH3 Power Thru

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