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Corrosion Block - Protective Spray - 300ml aerosol

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  • Corrosion Block is a clean fluid that actively protects metal using advanced polar bonding chemistry.  Synthetic additives in Corrosion Block completely penetrate corrosion cells…replacing the salt water which is then allowed to evaporate.  Corrosion Block’s hydrophobic film remains to further protect the metal acting like an “OFF SWITCH” for corrosion.

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    Corrosion Block’s hard working anti-corrosion chemistry protects your fleet assets against the destructive forces of moisture and salt. Corrosion Block’s unique properties work especially well on all electrical components including the LED lighting, and GPS systems found in today’s trucks. Treating wire harnesses, connectors, battery posts, and other components a few times a year will prevent costly down time increasing productivity and profitability.

    Winches, Pulleys, Battery terminals, Trailer hitch, bearings, rollers & casters, Trim tabs, Inboard/ Outboard drives, Turnbuckles, Sea cocks, Y valves, Windlasses, Canvas snaps & zippers, Auto pilot mechanisms, Locks, Davits, Prop shafts, Fishing reels & guides, Hinges, Light sockets, Steering mechanisms, Electric motors & connectors, Throttle linkages & shift controls, Roller furling gear, Sail track, Gear box’s, Blocks & cam cleats.