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Ac-90 Multi-Purpose Lubricant - Food Grade

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  • Ac-90 Multi-Purpose Lubricant - Food Grade: A Quick Fix/All In One-Can Solution For Many Everyday Tasks. Ac-90 Is A True Multi-Purpose Lubricant For Maintenance And Engineering Professionals Requiring A Single-Can Solution For Common Problems. Ac-90S Formulation Is Based Upon Decades Of Real-World Performance Experience " Becoming A Trusted And Favoured Product Choice For Engineers Around The World. In The Right Hands, It's A Power Tool.

    Displaces Moisture: Ac-90 Contains Active Ingredients Which Rapidly Spread Into Microscopic Surface Irregularities Displacing Moisture And Eliminating Damp Induced Faults On Ignition Circuits.

    Protects Against Rust: Ac-90 Has Excellent Corrosion Protection Of Metal Parts And Components, Repelling Atmospheric Moisture And Inhibiting Flash-Rusting.

    Lubricates: Ac-90 Keeps Moving Parts Working Smoothly And Efficiently, Eliminating Stick-Slip And Improving Operational Efficiency Does Not Contain Silicone.

    Penetrates &Amp; Releases: Ac-90 Rapidly Penetrates And Releases Seized, Corroded And Over-Tightened Fasteners, Leaving A Fine Lubricating Film For Ease Of Reassembly And Future Protection.

    Cleans: Ac-90 Used For The Cleaning Of Almost All Surfaces, Including Metal, Rubber, Vinyl, Most Plastics, And Painted Surfaces. It Will Effectively Remove Grime, Grease Residues, Wax-Based Corrosion Coatings, And More.

    Does Not Contain Silicone.
    Food Grade