At Teng Tools we believe in order.

If you can't find what you are looking for on our store, download the full Teng Tools catalogue here and get in touch.  Make sure you note the "Stock No." of the items you are interested in.

It’s professionalism at work or pure enjoyment after work

Where others might find things perfectly organised boring, we think it’s one of human nature’s deepest needs. Our customers are found in all fields from large industrial companies and vehicle manufacturers to the major names within racing as well as your neighbour in his garage.

We continuously develop our range in close co-operation with professional users. Teng Tools offers innovative Swedish design and sound Taiwanese production, which satisfies quality-conscious users around the World. Thanks to our range of tools and storage solutions, we help businesses to streamline their operations. Great tools are one important factor, and how to organise them is just as important. Teng Tools’ wide product range caters to mechanics and craftsmen within industry, workshops, and the automotive and construction sectors.

Everlasting power guarantee

Our tools either meet - or surpass - the requirements in ISO, DIN and other international standards. As extra security, our "Everlasting power guarantee" means that all Teng Tools products will be replaced or repaired should they break during normal usage due to a manufacturing or material fault.

Years of organisation

The story of Teng Tools begins in 1985. That was when Henri Tengvall saw the mechanics’ need of a well-selected range of tools, with clever storage and properly composed tool sets.

Teng Tools inherited its name and face from the Asian folk hero Tengu, a tough warrior who fought for his people. He is characterised by strength, courage and innovative thinking, and our product range has inherited these properties as well. For the first few years, Teng Tools could be found on the UK market. Since then, the brand has spread to more than 30 countries worldwide, and we keep on growing…

Distribution in South Africa

Our friends and partners at Dennes Engineering are the official reseller of Teng Tools in South Africa. A family business that has been in operation in Cape Town since 1984. Dennes strives as a company to support you as a customer by offering the best services possible and will assist you in all matters concerning our products and your order. You can contact Dennes Engineering directly from the Contact page.